I’m determined to make 2016 the year of change for me. I have lots of plans and I want to feel the best I can for all these events. As I mentioned as part of my New Year Resolutions; while I don’t want to put pressure on myself to lose weight, I think many of my goals for 2016 will lead to losing weight as a by-product (learn to dance with Cize, eat more vegetables, drink more water, walk more, etc).

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Whether I end 2016 looking like the figure on the left, middle or right of this picture, it doesn’t matter – it is part of the journey to love myself. I have always struggled with body positivity, even before having stomas (in fact, the stomas haven’t really had an impact either way).

I need to learn how to love my body and, as a result, treat it a hell of a lot better. It’s so silly, if we buy a new car we want to make sure it is in top condition and keep it that way; we give it MOTs, we take it in for services, we keep it looking shiny and give it the right fuel – but when it comes to our bodies, sometimes we don’t even do the basics.

I need to treat my body as if it was a brand new car:

Give the engine a good run = stay active
Feed it with the right fuel  = eat better
Keep it clean and tidy = look after my hair & skin (water will help!)
Keep on top of MOTs = regular blood tests

Hopefully 2016 will be a year of real change, for the better.

– T

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