2017 Half-Year Goals Review

Now that it’s June, I wanted to review the goals that I made at the beginning of 2017. I already know that some of my goals haven’t been reached, and that I may need to adjust my goals, as my lifestyle has changed a bit. So this is a great opportunity to see what I’ve done so far and how I want to shape the rest of my year.

Note: the goals with a cross through them mean that I’ve achieved them!

Goals Review of Q1 + Q2 2017:

      • Complete at least one cycle of Beachbody’s Focus T25 
        Yes! I’ve finished Alpha Cycle and Beta Cycle, and I’m on the final phase of Gamma Cycle! And then… I shall be starting round 2!

        Reviewing my fitness goals 2017
        Taken during my first round of Focus T25


      • Use that bloody rowing machine for its proper purpose, not as a clothes horse
        While there are no longer clothes all over it, I haven’t been using the rowing machine (just because I’ve been doing Focus T25 instead). I may start incorporating the rowing at the weekend, or maybe a few times a week, but it’s more of an optional extra.
      • Get back to daily vlogging
        My vlogging has stopped, mainly because I’ve now got a full-time job and therefore simply don’t have time to film or edit.
      • Blog more to elaborate on my videos
        Same as above – but I would still like to blog a bit more, even if it’s not as an add-on to any videos. We’ll see.
      • Clear out the garage, and generally keep on top of tidying
        Yes! At the end of May, I completely cleared out the garage and had a big tidy up!
        I finally cleared out my garage!
      • Cook more
        Well, sort of. I’m trying to find ways of making tofu taste good, but most days usually consist of:
        Breakfast – protein oats with fruit or a protein green smoothie
        Lunch – it can vary, from salad & jacket potato, to rice & veggies
        Dinner – it can vary, from homemade vegan chilli, to vegan burritos, to stir-fried veggies & noodles
My food goals are to cook usings more whole foods.


So, as you can see, my goals are slightly different now compared to at the beginning of the year. Therefore, here are my goals for the remainder of 2017:

Goals for Q3 + Q4 2017:

      • Complete at least one more cycle of Beachbody’s Focus T25
      • Keep on top of tidying
      • Transform my garage into a proper gym
      • Find a great tasting tofu recipe
      • Drink more water
      • Blog & vlog when possible (and don’t feel bad about not blogging or vlogging)



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  1. Glad to see you back missed your blogs .I’m happy to see you are going full steam ahead .

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