Project Flex
Firstly I’ve got to say how much I’ve been doing these daily vlogs so far for Project Flex! It’s given me a chance to really think about every single thing I eat, and it’s definitely helped me keep accountable. Plus, I’ve not had to try and squeeze a whole week’s worth into one entire 20-minute video, so it allows me to be more real, more myself. You get to see my silly crazy side which, apparently, people seem to like! So I’m going to try and carry on doing these daily vlogs for as long as possible! Obviously if I ever go on holiday then I won’t be able to, but I’ll warn you in advance if that happens.

TurboFire is going well, too. I do love it so much, because you really feel as though you’ve had fun and danced, when really you’re working several muscle groups at once whilst getting your cardio. Chalene Johnson, the creator & instructor, is just so motivational, and you just want to push as hard as you can. It’s awesome that she’s liked a few of my Instagram photos too that I put up post-workout! I’m such a fangirl!

Race for Life
There’s three weeks until my 5K Race For Life and while I’ve not been out running recently, I still feel confident that I’ll be able to do it in a reasonably good time. It’ll be good as a starting point, for my first ever race, because then if I do any more in the future, I have a time to aim torwards for next time! I’d like to do a run to raise money for Crohn’s & Colitis UK next, but I think they tend to be down in London. Perhaps I’ll just do my own. We’ll see!

The question this week was; “what’s one thing you’ve learned since having your ostomy?” Mine is to DEFINITELY be more prepared, especially when going to places further than a half-hour trip back home! (Take my recent adventure down in London for example, PHEW! At least I had a great response from Coloplast & Charter!)

The wedding planning is going slowly but surely. We’ve picked a venue, but we just want a second viewing (this time with the mothers!) to really make sure it’s the one for us. I don’t want to give too much away this early on, but it’s close to where we live and it’s in a lovely rural area. I guess the next step after confirming the venue is getting all the themes sorted! And the Save the Date cards!

Bright ‘n’ Bold
Now, for those of you who know me personally, you’ll know that I used to dye my hair rather frequently (usually red, but I’ve been known to dye it blonde, brown, purple and even black-blue!) Well, for the last six months or so, I’ve just had my basic boring mousy brown hair, mainly to give it a bit of a rest after bleaching it blonde a while back. HOWEVER, I feel that now it’s time for a change! And I mean a REALLY big change! I miss having dyed hair soooo badly, so I’ve got a hair appointment booked in for next week, though I’m still deciding on what colour(s) to dye it. Any suggestions?

Question of the week:
What colour should I dye my hair next week?

(Don’t hold back, I’m willing to go for a bold colour, and even as far as saying I’ll go for a “bright” colour. Just bear in mind I’m very pale with brown eyes, so perhaps black isn’t the best choice. But tweet/email/comment me with ideas on hair colours and I’ll consider them ready for next week!)

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