Last week had been a mix of emotions for me. I started the week positively, then had a bit of a dip, and now I’m feeling fantastic! The reason for the dip is purely guilt, because I’ve not been reaching my full potential with my ECTM13 lifestyle change. I’ve been choosing the easy option, the cheaper option, and they’re all the bad choices. The sad fact is that cheap food is highly processed and full of fat, sugar, salt, additives & preservatives. But in reality, and this is the bit that I’m now learning – if you look hard enough, you can get healthy food at a lower cost. Yes, the ingredients might cost a little more, but in the long-term it will work out cheaper. You can cook meals in batches & then freeze them, you have portion control, you can be creative with left-overs… it’s just about knowing what to do, and that’s the bit I need to learn and master. I will be a domestic goddess, and I will be able to cook actual meals. I guess part of it is the fact that I’m getting married next year and I want to be able to cook family meals, especially for when any little ones come along.

Let’s compare costs (based on serving just one person, because I’m all alone during the week, waaah.)

WW Ready Meals = £1 each
Whole roasting chicken = £5 each
Bag of mixed veg = £1.50

On first look, it’d be cheaper to get 7 of the ready meals to last the week, right? And this is the problem. When you think about it, that whole chicken & mixed veg will be plenty to last the week, plus it’d be more versatile, and a damn sight healthier too, and you know exactly what it’s going in to it. Our society has allowed convenience & saving money to overtake health, and it’s not acceptable, and I must NOT fall for the tricks that the mass producers and supermarkets deal out.

This week’s question is:
“Do you wear an ostomy belt or any other type of supportive accessory?”

We have the next venue to look at on 18th May which I’m really looking forward to seeing, as the photos look fantastic. Plus, they have held events with the same theme as what we’re looking to do, so they have had experience (and could potentially still have decorations/props we could “borrow”). Plus it seems a lot cheaper than the other one that we almost booked, so cross your fingers everyone!

Coming Up:
Aside from seeing my friend Conor later in May, Chris and I are planning on seeing some movies at the cinema which we just cannot miss. For me, it’s The Great Gatsby, because I’ve loved the book ever since we studied it at school, it’s directed by Baz Luhrman and it’s got Leonardo Di Caprio as Gatsby, so I’ve already got high hopes. I absolutely adored Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet (also starring Leonardo Di Caprio) so I really hope Gatsby will live up to my expectations. We saw the new Star Trek movie this weekend (Chris had been fapping over this since he first saw the trailer) and we’ve still got Man of Steel to watch (over which there has been even more fappage by Chris). I love going to the cinema, I just wish it wasn’t so chuffing expensive. Perhaps Chris and I should invest in some discount cards, as we do love to go quite often. I never used to go to the cinema when I was younger, so clearly I’m now making the most of it.

This Week’s Question:
What is your favourite and worst things about going to the cinema?

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