Now, I love my tea. I don’t do tea with a lot of fuss, though. I’m actually quite scared of proper tea leaves. I much prefer the ease of a teabag, so I tend to just stick to a huge mug of black tea with a load of milk, and that’s me done.

But I’m trying to reduce the amount of caffeinated tea that I have, as well as the amount of dairy that I have. Therefore, I’ve decided to try flavoured tea.

I’ve got a selection of Twinings teas that I’ve now tried in the following flavours:

Pomegranate Green Tea
Apple & Pear Green Tea
Mango & Cinnamon
Camomile & Spiced Apple

Here are what I think of them, in the order that I tried them in:


mango & cinnamonMango & Cinnamon
I love mango. And I love cinnamon. So this combination of flavours was bound to be a success… except that it really wasn’t, not for me at least. I don’t know why I didn’t like it, but I didn’t. Perhaps it was the combination of     flavours. Maybe I expected something sweeter. I’m not sure. But I wasn’t a huge fan of this.






Camomile & Spiced Applecamomile
THIS was nice. This was very nice. It reminded me of Christmas. Which, in the middle of summer, was a little strange. Nevertheless, I really loved the taste and I think it’ll definitely be one of those drinks that I’ll be sipping on Christmas Eve, watching whatever drivvle is on the television, hoping that it’ll make the time pass quickly until Christmas morning. Yes, I definitely like it. But is it enough to be a new favourite?




pomegranatePomegranate Green Tea
I didn’t expect to like this one. I didn’t even know what pomegranate tasted like. But HOLY BALLS this tastes epic. Despite hearing so many health benefits from drinking green tea, I have steered away from it in the past because it tasted disgusting. But this pomegranite green tea is gorgeous. It’s sweet, too, which I didn’t expect. However, not knowing what a pomegranate tastes like definitely meant that I didn’t have any baseline for comparison. Either way, as of this particular moment, the Pomegranate Green Tea my favourite. Only one left to try…




Apple & Pear Green Teaapple & pear
This is another lovely flavour. Sweet but not sickly sweet. And very refreshing, perfect for summer! I love apple and I miss eating them (I can’t digest apple skins so I tend to just avoid them now), so this is a nice chance to have something apple-ish but without the digestive discomfort afterwards!



But… is it enough to beat the pomegranate to become my new favourite?


Well… the results are in, and I have to say that my favourite is…

…the Pomegranate Green Tea! It’s just so delicious! In fact, I’m going to make myself a new one right now!


If you’ve tried any of these, let me know what you think! Or, if you have any other suggestions, then share your favourites!

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