Project Flex
Who’d have thought I’d miss getting up at 5:00am to punch, kick and jump around until my arms and legs ache?! I’ve started round two of TurboFire and I forgot how much fun it is! I love the energy I feel during and after a TurboFire workout! Project Flex has begun! I’m loving TurboFire, and I’m much more positive about it all. I really want to see how my strength develops and to really see a difference in my body. Hopefully by the end of 60 days I’ll see a difference. I think I’ll have to be brave and get Chris to take some “before” photos, that way I can truly appreciate all the hard work I’m putting into it. There’s something pretty satisfying about seeing results. Food-wise, I’ll be honest – I’ve had a bit of a wobbly start. What with the crappy weather, my back-pain, and my weird IBD-intestinal-type-discomfort, I’ve wanted to comfort eat. And, I’ll be honest, that’s exactly what I’ve done so far this week. But it doesn’t mean that I should continue for the rest of the week. No, I shall finish the week on a high!

Last week I asked people to tweet/email/comment with some questions for a little Q&A session and this week I answered them! If you’ve not already seen the video, check it out over at my YouTube channel!

We think we’ve finally picked a venue! Hoorah! It’s a cosy little venue but big enough for the numbers we want, especially if the weather stays dry because the gardens are beautiful and definitely big enough! I’ve asked the wedding co-ordinator to confirm whether our preferred date would be available, and we’ll go from there! Next steps will be to speak to my fantastically wonderful friend Cat to see if she can design the Save The Date cards. She’s very talented, and I love her little quirks and attention to detail. Plus, she’s just freakin’ awesome to hang with, especially when we’re squeeing over Ryan Reynolds.

So I went to see my friend Conor down in London. It was so good to see him, as it’d been so long. I made a vlog about it so go and check it out on my YouTube channel. Seeing him made me reminisce about the old times, and half of me was happy, but half of me was sad, because it was all so long ago and everyone kind of disappeared after we graduated, myself included. It’s always been hard for me to let go and stop trying to relive the past. Whether it’s trying to rekindle old friendships that can never really be repaired, or going to places that always seemed so excited but now they’re just empty shells of what they used to be. Memories can sometimes be rather haunting in that way. Some weird distortion of reality that can never be relived.

What is your favourite memory about college/university/school?

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