I have come to the conclusion that I have finished my weightloss journey. My next journey is: I want to gain weight. Let me explain…

I don’t want to lose any more weight because I don’t want to get all scrawny. Now it’s about gaining the right type of weight – muscle. I want to get some definition in my arms, and strength in my core and legs. So that is my next step. Less cardio, more weights & resistance. Now, that’s not to say I’m going to completely cut out cardio, because that’s just silly. I will still do some cardio, in addition to the fact that I walk to and from work every day. But like I say, it’s not about weightloss for me anymore. It’s about fitness, strength and stamina. That’s what I need to focus on now.

So if I gain a few pounds because I’ve built up some lean muscle, then that’s fine by me!

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