Guess what, Reader? I am currently waiting for my oven timer to PING at me. That’s right, for the first time in over ten years, I am baking cookies. I know, they’re not very healthy (and to be honest they’ll probably taste awful…) but I’m so proud that I’m trying something. Me! Baking! I feel like I should be wearing an apron right now…

Anyway, the recipe I used was from Baker BettiePerfect Chocolate Chip Cookies with Only 5 Ingredients


So far, so good…


Ah… they exploded.


And the final result…



Well, no. They’re not THAT bad. But they’re terribly sweet, and even the dark chocolate chips don’t take that horrible sweetness away.

Nevertheless, I’ll pop them in a box for Chris, in case he wants to try them!

I will, one day, bake something that doesn’t taste horrible. 

Happy Sunday, dear Reader. And if you want to recommend any HEALTHY baking recipes, then get in touch!



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