I’ve been having a strange heartburn-type feeling in my stomach since Sunday morning. I’ve never really suffered with any upper GI problems, it was always lower GI, particularly when my colon exploded. I hadn’t really eaten anything different, the only thing that was different was going running rather than doing TurboFire, but I can’t imagine running would have an effect on my stomach. So the only other thing I can think of is the stuff going on at work at the moment. I won’t go into much detail, of course, but my work is moving offices and not only can I not afford to move, but it’s another hour to add to the already too-long journey of two and a half hours of where my fiance lives and works, and if I want to actually live with my fiance one day, I can’t move to an office another hour away in the opposite direction. I guess I’m in a weird state of limbo at the moment where I don’t want to leave but I have been backed into a corner with no other option. Ugh, maybe I can win the lottery. But anyway, that added stress is the only thing I can think of that is causing this heartburn-type feeling. I mean, stress can affect anyone in lots of different ways, but what with having Crohn’s Disease, I’m at a very high risk of having a flare-up. Which sucks, seeing as I’ve been in remission for three years. I really don’t want anything to happen again like it did before, I can’t bear the idea of going back into hospital. Don’t get me wrong, I love lazing around in bed, but it’s not quite the same when you’re in excrutiating pain.

Think happy thoughts, Reader. Maybe those happy thoughts will leak through the screen and make everything work out perfectly. I’ll win the lottery, then Chris and l will move to somewhere warm and sunny, and we’ll spend the rest of our days smiling like freakin’ idiots.


Caro · 11th April, 2013 at 8:36 pm

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