Happy new year!
A new year begins and, with it, a kick up the backside. Whether it be fitness, work, hobbies, money, health or a bit of everything, the new year always seems to be the perfect excuse for a fresh start.

resolutionsI’ve made some new year’s resolutions, as I do every year. Most of them are in this video, however I have got a couple more tucked away in my head, just for me to reflect on privately.

And so, without further ado, here are my 2015 resolutions:

1. Exercise for at least 30 minutes per day

I am finally getting my arse into gear.
I’ve used so many excuses recently (I twisted my ankle, I was planning my wedding, I was on my honeymoon, I was busy at work, it was Christmas, blah blah…) and I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I know from my previous stints with Zumba and TurboFire that exercising gives me energy, strength and focus, and that’s exactly what I need (especially in winter!)

I have to adapt to working out in the evenings, which is going to be tough.
I prefer working out in the mornings, but with a commute of 1.5 hours in the morning (and my 2.5 hour morning routine involving shower, bag-change, social media & breakfast), it’d mean getting up at 4:00am. In order to get at least 7 hours sleep it’d mean going to bed at 9pm, which is only 2 hours after eating dinner which isn’t good for me. Therefore, my plan is to get home around 6:30pm and work out for an hour. This takes me to 7:30pm where I have dinner (pre-made & eaten cold or re-heated) and then go to bed around 10:30pm. If I can get 7.5 hours sleep, that’ll take me to 6:00am – perfect. My incentive for working out in the evening is to have a nice long shower afterwards and relax in my PJs whilst playing with my brand new MacBook that I got for Christmas from my amazing husband. This includes time for watching YouTube or editing that day’s vlog.

I’m going to work my way back up into an active lifestyle.
During the first two weeks I’ll be doing Zumba three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). The reason I’m choosing Zumba for these first two weeks is, let’s face it, it’s easy and fun. If there’s anything that will motivate me to work out after a full day’s work, it’s dancing like an idiot in my living room.

After those first two weeks, I will move on to the 12-week TurboFire program but only four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday). Friday is “Fat Friday”, where I can eat whatever I want with no guilt, plus it’s the day that Chris comes home at weekends, so it’s nice to not have to work out while he’s here so I can spend more time with him). Saturday is my walk day where I walk for at least 30 minutes. Sunday is another rest day.

Once I’ve completed the first round of TurboFire, I’ll either do another round or, if I’m feeling bored with it, I’ll switch to Focus T25. After that, either a second round or I will move on to Insanity – I have all three so it’s just down to what I feel would suit me best at the time.

2. Eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible.

I need to eat more healthy food.
Note that I didn’t say “I need to eat less junk” – I need to eat MORE healthy food. I don’t want to be as restrictive as I have been previously because it drove me mad and just doesn’t work for me. Instead, if I aim to eat more fruit and vegetables then it means, by default, I’m hopefully just swapping the crap for the healthy stuff. We all know the health benefits of eating fresh food and less processed crap, so I won’t go into that here. I do want to reduce the amount of meat I’m eating though because I’ve been tricked into thinking that every single meal needs a piece of meat in it, but it really doesn’t! Rice, pasta, quinoa, cous-cous, cheese, fish… these are perfectly good as the accompaniment to vegetables. I also want to learn how to cook so that I can prep some delicious meals in advance and then just thaw them out and reheat them when required. It’ll not just save time but it should save money, PLUS I’ll know exactly what ingredients are in those meals. Perfect!

3. Track my meals and workouts

I MUST stay accountable and track my food and exercise.
In the past, I have benefited greatly from tracking my calories in and out, and my favourite go-to app is still MyFitnessPal. If you want to add me as a friend on there, my username is ThailaSkye.

4. Listen to more audiobooks

I always say that I want to read more, but never have the time.
I realised recently that I have a total of 3 hours where I’m commuting, and then probably another hour doing bits around the house – that’s 4 hours every single day where my hands are busy but my ears are free; a perfect opportunity for audiobooks! I started listening to books in November and I’ve already listened to Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and I’m about halfway through Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – that’s a hell of a lot more than I usually read in a month! I’m aiming for at least one book per month, so I should be able to achieve that pretty easily! Audiobooks are definitely the way forward for me!

5. Drink at least two litres of water per day.

I am STILL absolutely rubbish with drinking enough water.
I am going to try and use the bracelet technique to stay on track – one bracelet for each glass of water and, after each glass is finished, just switch one bracelet from one arm to the other arm!

And that’s it for my main resolutions. Most of them are health-related, because that’s the biggest change I want to make in 2015.

I am using the hashtag #BeBetter this year, because I want to eat better, move better, sleep better and think better. Hopefully, as an extra bonus, I’ll look better too. I’ve definitely put on weight over the last part of 2014 and I definitely need to get down to a healthy weight – this requires me to lose around 40lbs (2.8st / 18kg) in order to be smack-bang in the middle of my BMI. I’m not going to obsess over my BMI, of course, but it’s more of a guideline for now – once I start seeing how my body changes, I’ll start monitoring body-fat % instead (we all know muscle weighs more than fat and totally skews the scale).

Lastly, I’m hoping I will update this blog a hell of a lot more! Hopefully now that I have a brand new MacBook Pro, I’ll be more motivated to use it for blogging!

Wish me luck!

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