ibdrelief-logoA while back, I was contacted by a chap called Seb Tucknott telling me all about a website he had launched. He asked if I wanted to have a look at it and give him my thoughts. So I had a look at the links he sent me, and as soon as I browsed through the site, my first thought was ‘oh man, I wish this had been around sooner!’seb & emily

IBDrelief.com was set up by Seb and his wife Emily Bridges, and is a website which gathers information and knowledge from people living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) with the aim to then share that information to those with IBD as well as their partners, family, friends and even healthcare professionals.

As many of us with IBD already know, we’re a way off yet from finding a cure for IBD. But the focus of IBDrelief is very much on exploring different ways to improve the quality of life for those with IBD, whilst we continue to find a cure.

If you wander over to their About page, you’ll see the smiling faces of the IBDrelief team, so you can see exactly who is involved. But the part I really like is how they have a panel of experts to help with certain aspects of IBD. They have a nutritionist on board, an IBD Clinical Nurse, a chef, a personal trainer and even an acupuncturist. I loved this website so much, that I was happy to share my own experience of having Crohn’s disease & having ostomy surgery, and I am now one of the team’s experts too!

One of my favourite features is the IBD Map, which is exactly how it sounds. It’s a map which shows you where about your fellow IBDers (is that the right collective term for us?) are located, as well as it being a great way to organise meet-ups or local IBD fundraising events.


There’s also a blog which is regularly updated, and a diet survey which allows IBDers (we really need to find a better name…) to share which foods they find are safe and which foods they avoid, with some very interesting results I might add…

Up to this point, IBDrelief has been funded by Seb and Emily themselves. But as you can imagine, running a website isn’t cheap – especially one with the potential such as this one – and so they are now crowdfunding to try and get the money to take the site one step further and really start benefiting the IBD community.

I’ve backed the project, and if you want to support them too, just visit their crowdfunding page: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/ibdrelief

Watch the video:

Make sure to visit IBDrelief.com and I hope you get on board with such a fantastic initiative.

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