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Throughout the first two months of 2016, I’ve not been very motivated in two aspects of my life; working out and vlogging. It’s been too dark and cold and, quite frankly, my duvet is just too bloody comfortable.

Thankfully, it’s getting lighter now in the mornings and afternoons, and I’m starting to feel a bit sunnier in myself too. Perhaps I have a smidgen of SAD, who knows? But either way, now that it’s getting lighter, I’m starting to feel more inspired…


…inspired to vlog

I want to get back into vlogging, because it keeps me motivated and it’s nice for me to look back on. Plus, I absolutely love sharing my day with you guys because I like hearing from you, too. Not only that, but I genuinely love filming and editing videos. Some people play PS4. Some people read. Some people play piano. Some people do arts and crafts. My hobby is editing.

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I particularly want to restart Ostomonday. Now that I’m on the waiting list for more surgery, I want to document it properly this time. (Last time was before I started YouTube, at least this time round I can document every up and down that I experience!) I want people to follow my journey ‘live’, rather than me talking about what happened five years ago. It’s going to be really exciting.

Aside from my own journey, I really want to get other ostomates talking, so I’ve created a dedicated Ostomonday Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel to do just that. Stay tuned for more updates on that but, in the meantime, follow Ostomonday on social:

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Ostomonday on Facebook
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…inspired to jog

(well, maybe not jog… but certainly get moving!)thaila skye sunny walk

Right now, it is one of my favourite times of the year, when it’s still cold but starting to get much more sunny – I’ve been going for walks at lunchtime with my iPod, topping up the vitamin D (well, on my face at least, it’s still too cold not to wear a huge coat!)

If I’m truly honest with myself, I’ve let myself go a little bit since getting married. Now the first year of marriage has flown by, I need to get a grip. Especially now that I’m in my very, very late twenties (ahem), I need to really look after myself – and my lovely husband.

My geeky side will help

Being obsessed with gadgets and apps, it makes sense that they will encourage me (and Chris) to do more.

Since Chris got me an Apple Watch for my 30th birthday, I’ve already been using it for tracking all my walks and workouts, which is very motivating. I don’t have to dick about with different pieces of wearable tech – I can just go. For me, I tend to use any excuse under the sun to not work out, but having the Apple Watch already on my wrist means it’s one less excuse to use.

Also, we are going to get a rowing machine which I am SUPER excited about. The only piece of gym equipment I ever used to want to use during PE was a rowing machine. It is a real all-rounder too, as it works almost every muscle group. One piece of equipment for a total body workout is exactly what we need. One of Chris’ friends is selling us his old one, so now that we’ve (finally) flattened all the boxes we threw in the garage, we can store it in there. Yay! (In fact, clearing all those boxes was a workout in itself!)

Ugh. I’ve struggled to get the hang of vlogging with my Canon IXUS vlogging camera. It’s a compact digital camera and it’s fine, but it’s just… not as great as I thought it’d be. I think I’m done with compact digital cameras to be honest. I’m bored of them. I feel like I need an upgrade to something that requires a bit more skill, and can provide a more professional look to my photos and videos.

thaila skye sony A5100

I think I’m in love.

So, to kick-start my return to vlogging, I’ve bought myself a Sony A5100. ‘Why that camera’, you ask? Well, from the reviews I’ve seen online, is a fantastic camera to vlog with. It has a more professional look than a compact digital camera without it being a MAHOOSIVE (and expensive) DSLR camera. It sits nicely in the middle and I think that’s exactly what I need. I’m hoping it can be a new hobby, too. I love photography, and I’m hoping it’ll inspire me to go to more different and interesting places in order to take photos and videos. It might even inspire different sides to my YouTube channel. Maybe I’ll do an occasional Ostomy Lookbook (after I’ve lost a bit of squidge, though!)




Any photographers or videographers out there? Got any tips for a newbie trying to learn how to use the Sony A5100? And what sort of things do you like to take photos/videos of?

– T

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