I’ve decided that doing a weekly vlog just wasn’t keeping me accountable enough. It was becoming a “highlights reel” rather than a factual account of what I was doing and, more specifically, what I was eating. It was too tricky to edit a week’s worth of food into as short a video as possible, because I had to delete a lot of footage, and it meant that it wasn’t an accurate representation. Therefore, I decided to trial Project Flex as a daily vlog. That way, I have more time to feature every single thing I consume each day, and be at more of a leisurely pace, rather than rushing and trying to squeeze everything in.

The first video is already up. If I time things right, I should be able to stay on top of editing & uploading them each day rather easily. I record everything during the day, then transfer all my clips to my editing program (the morning clips will transfer while I’m eating lunch, and my evening clips will transfer while I’m washing up from dinner). Then, I edit everything in the evening & then set it up for uploading to YouTube overnight so that they’re ready in the morning for my subscribers to watch! Easy! Weekends might be trickier, because I’ll be up later so may not have chance to edit them until the following day. Which isn’t a problem, it just means that there might be multiple uploads on one day.

The last few days I’ve realised that I really need to get some food in the house, and get rid of the junk. I’ve got stuff in cupboards that is out of date too, that really needs to go. I’m so bad at managing my stock levels! Hehe. I think it’s because I bought LOADS of healthy foods that I didn’t really like, so I kept leaving them. At least with Project Flex it’s all about balance – which means buying foods that I actually like, just smaller portions. Instead of a huge bucket of southern fried chicken wings, I’ll have a few plain roasted chicken wings from fresh, with spices that I add myself. Sensible options that are still tasty, and a hell of a lot better for me.

Well, I’m off to do more editing. I hope you’re all doing awesome! I’ll try and update again at the end of the week.

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