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These nail wraps are AWESOME!

I’m crap at doing my nails. I mean, I love playing around with nail polish and whatnot, but I hate long nails, so mine are always short. Plus, I have no time or talent for intricate nail art, no matter how many pins I pin on Pinterest, or how many YouTube tutorials I watch about them. Which is why these nail wraps are the best thing I’ve ever come across in the world of nail fashion. Five minutes and I’ve got some funky design all over my nails.

wilkinsons nail wrap

These ones were my first ever attempt. Granted, they’re not perfect, I didn’t push my cuticles back, and I took a huge chunk out of one of them. They were a pack from Wilko’s, so it’s not like I spent a fortune on my first set (they actually cost £2!) and they were my ‘test set’. However, I’m curious to see how long they last. Apparently they come off in warm soapy water. I did put a coat of clear nail varnish over the top, so I guess we’ll see whether that helps or not. For someone who washes her hands quite a lot during the day (thanks, immunosuppressant drugs), I’ve come into contact with warm soapy water at least six times already and so far they’re still on exactly as when first put on. I’m curious to see whether they’re more of a ‘one-event’ set or a ‘for the week’ set. I’ll let you know!

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