After many weeks of recovering from my most recent ostomy surgery, I am now feeling like myself again! Not only is my Crohn’s disease now under control (woohoo!) but I feel as though I have even more energy than I did before and generally life is much easier to manage with one stoma than it ever was with two stomas.

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Another thing that has helped me feel much more like ‘me’ again, is getting my hair done (FINALLY). For months I’ve had faded greeny/blonde hair with mouse-brown roots (I swear they were starting to look grey…) but this week I was lucky enough to get my hair coloured by not only just my awesome local stylist Victoria from Twenty Nine Hairdressing but also by the incredible Jaymz Marsters. You need to follow him on Instagram – his creations are absolutely stunning! It was an awesome day, and I got to see a couple of other models have incredible makeovers too! For me, both Jaymz and Victoria were able to create an ocean-inspired look to certainly perk me up, using a combination of Manic Panic colours like Voodoo Forest, Venus Envy, Atomic Turquose, Mermaid, Electric Lizzard, Sirens Song and Voodoo Blue. Needless to say, I absolutely love the end result. So pretty!

I have to say that having your hair coloured, especially something as bright as what I opted for, can make you feel incredible. It can completely change your entire image and give you confidence. Over the last few months I was hating my hair, but now I absolutely love my hair, and it’s made me like myself a bit more too.

Aside from getting my hair done this week, I was also super excited about a guest blog post that I wrote for BBC Three! They approached me asking if I wanted to write something for their IMHO blog (IMHO = In My Honest Opinion) and so I jumped at the chance! I went over the word limit (of course, I always do) but they still loved it and arranged for an illustrator to create some art to go with the piece. You can read the blog post here: IMHO: Me and My Colostomy Bag


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Credit: Melanie Lambrick & BBC Three

I will, at some point, do a proper update about my recovery and my current situation with Crohn’s disease… but right now it’s time for a cup of tea and catching up on Eastenders.

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