If you’ve not already subscribed, make sure you check out my YouTube channel because I’ve recently started a new video schedule!


Yes, I’ve actually committed to a schedule and so far I’m sticking to it!

Monday: Ostomonday 
Tuesday: Beauty Tuesday
Wednesday: Wedding Wednesday

I am really enjoying the variety of content on my channel at the moment, and I’ve even had some different types of subscribers which is awesome. I’m up to 643 subscribers which is CRAZY. I never thought 643 people would want to watch me ramble on and vlog and talk about the stuff that I talk about!


 I don’t think I’ll ever be the type of YouTuber to reach 1000s of subscribers, because I’ve got such a niche audience. Most of my audience are people who’ve had ostomy surgery, or who are colorectal healthcare professionals. Besides, I like this little community we have. I get the regular commenters and I cherish those first subscribers very dearly.

 I do also have a lot of my ‘fitfam’ following me – those who have probably been redirected from TrulyJesschannel or my Instagram account, which has somehow turned into my food and fitness tracker. (This is why I’ve set up a separate Instagram account for actual photos, rather than my food & fitness collages…)

I’ll admit, I have neglected this blog somewhat. Surprisingly, I find it easier and more convenient to vlog on YouTube rather than blogging on here. These days, having the time to actually sit down and write is becoming more and more rare, and the times where I do have time to sit down, I want to catch up on other people’s YouTube channels, because I LOVE seeing what everyone else has been up to.  Vlogging, on the other hand, seems a lot easier. You can capture moments ‘on the go’, without the need to open up your Notes app or grab a pen and paper. You can get your smartphone out and start filming.

I am massively saving up for a new vlogging camera. Well, after the wedding of course! My iPhone will do for now, but eventually I want to upgrade. I’d love to be able to afford the 5D Mark III so I can do some really beautifully shot videos, but that will never happen. Until then, I’ll probably opt for a Canon Ixus 225 or something. I could maybe stretch to a Canon 600D, but they’re still expensive! 

However, as much as I find it easier to vlog than to blog, I will try and make the effort to post in here more. It really should be used to compliment my YouTube channel more than anything. For example, on my Beauty Tuesday videos, it’d be nice to link to a more in-depth review of each product on this blog. Hmm. We’ll see.


Until next time, my dear Reader, be good.


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