As you may have seen in my Ostomy Questions Tag video, one of the things (well, pretty much the only thing) I dislike about having an ostomy is not being able to eat certain foods. Things like mushrooms, celery, tomatoes… but the thing I miss the most is popcorn. It’s not like I had it all the time, on the contrary it was a rare treat. It’s part of the movie-watching experience, and I really do miss it. That big bowl of popcorn in front of the big screen (or even the small screen… any screen!) Which got me thinking, there must be a way of satisfying that popcorn craving without having a trip to the hospital afterwards…. and there is!

I often eat Snack-A-Jacks, which is a brand of rice cakes. They do various flavours; Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion, Barbecue… but they also do sweet flavours; Chocolate Chip and Caramel. Now, I had reached the bottom of my Caramel packet of Snack-A-Jacks, and at first I was disheartened when I saw that they had been crushed at the bottom of the cupboard. But when I tipped the broken fragments into a bowl, the lightbulb over my head lit up and I realised that it looked (and tasted a bit) like toffee popcorn! Behold! An alternative! I am still yet to find an alternative to salted popcorn (my ultimate favourite ever) but I’m one step closer!

Click here to see the YouTube video!

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