Hello there, reader!

I do hope you had a lovely Easter break. Mine was nice and relaxed, see?

Now that Easter is over, and I have climbed out of that hellish rabbit hole full of sweets and chocolate and feeling like total pants, I feel refreshed and focused. I have signed up for the 5K Race For Life in June (raising money for Cancer Research UK) so I now have something to train for. Not that I didn’t before, I mean I had my LIFE to train for, but apparently I need smaller goals than that…

This morning I did my first TurboFire workout since before Easter, and my GOD I struggled. I had to have a break in the middle of the HIIT 15 and then skip a couple of the Sculpt 30 reps. I felt like a total failure, until I realised that at least I got up and tried. And I should be proud of that (though it is a tad difficult to be proud when you’re lightheaded and gasping for air and you look like a radish). My highlight of the workout is STILL laughing at Chalene right at the very beginning, when she’s blatently pretending to talk to a group of women and the sound fades in and you can just hear her laughing and then: “aah… no your arms look great…” and then she sees the camera and almost does a double-take, “OH HEEY!” Haha. I don’t know why it makes me chuckle so much.

I have noticed that I work best with to-do lists. Whether it’s at work, at home, out shopping… and perhaps I should incorporate that into my health & fitness lifestyle. Having the TurboFire schedule with each workout pre-planned out for me is perfect. I think I should do the same with my meal preps, snacks, workouts and general goals each week.

So, for this week:
1) Have at least 7 hours sleep
2) Drink more water – NOT just tea, I mean actual water (and squash is allowed as it’ll encourage me) – aiming for 3 cups tea, 5 cups water
3) Stick to the TurboFire schedule for the mornings
4) Go running around the local country park three evenings a week (regardless of weather)
5) Vlog all my meals – if I don’t want it on film, then it’s probably a bad choice and therefore I shouldn’t be eating it.

Thanks, by the way, to Jess for making me think about my goals, and just generally for the motivation. She’s probably my favourite vlogger of 2013 so far. Mainly because she’s vlogged every single day and it’s just the kick I need every day! Hoorah for #TrulyDaily!

Oh, and I’m also participating in #AprilSquatChallenge. Did most of today’s during TurboFire though, that counts right?

So now that you’ve finished reading this, what are you going to do now? Go for a long walk? Have a nutritious meal? Have a glass of water? Write a letter to an old friend? Take a photo of a random object? Talk to your other half on the phone? Whatever it is, do something that you will enjoy and that makes you happy.

‘Til next time, my dear reader.


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