Relight the Fire!

Woohoo! I have restarted where I left off at TurboFire! I’d got to week 9 and then had a fail moment and lost my focus, but I’ve restarted week 9 and relit that fire within me! Okay, that sounded weird.

This weekend was fun, and I enjoyed letting my hair down and not really worrying about what I was eating and kinda letting my body have a rest, but I really hated not having that satisfied feeling after a workout! So I decided to get back on it!

Fitness may be an addiction, but it’s a good one! It’s better than smoking or drugs, so there.


2 thoughts on “Relight the Fire!

  1. Thaila, your blog is too wonderful ! I’m really looking forward to getting back to running, yoga, and working out after my surgery this month. Wondering if you wear an ostomy band or belt while you’re at the gym? I’m nervous I might leak or lose a bag during upward facing dog haha.

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