In all my years of having Crohn’s disease and having a stoma, I never once thought about whether I should wear something to tell others about my condition in case of an emergency. On my iPhone I have the Medical ID information, but what if I don’t have my phone on me at the time of an accident? So when I was contacted and asked whether I’d review a piece of medical jewellery from The ID Band Company, it made me re-think not having some form of medical ID that I could have on me at all times, in case anything happens.

As the name suggests, medical jewellery is an item such as a bracelet or necklace that can be worn at all times, and it will help identify you in case of an emergency, as well as providing information to the emergency services about any conditions you have, any allergies and any medication you take. For the purposes of this review, I initially opted for an item with the bare minimum information on it, and depending on whether I liked it or not I would potentially purchase one with more detailed information at a later date.


First Impressions 

I chose the Rose Gold Cross Link Bracelet with my name and my condition on it.

This particular item is limited to two lines of information, but other items can have more text, so it depends on what you choose.

It arrived in excellent condition – it was wrapped in tissue paper and presented in a blue box. It also came with additional links if required, but my wrist is super tiny!


The engraving was was large enough to read and in a nice clear font, though I did notice that depending on the light it sometimes appeared a bit faint because of the reflection. With any engraving, there’s a worry about how long the engraving would last, but I was informed that the ID Band Company use a laser marking machine which gives a smooth, sharp, permanent “mark” on the item, which is different to traditional engraving where a diamond is used to “scratch” the metal, meaning it won’t fade over time.

Thaila Skye ID Band Company Medical Jewellry

The quality of the bracelet itself is good and it looks beautiful – the rose gold and silver makes it look more like a piece of jewellery rather than a medical bracelet, and it wouldn’t feel out of place whether you wear it to work, to a social event or even to the pub!

  thaila skye Id band company review

After One Week

I decided to wear the medical bracelet every day for a week to really get an idea of how I felt about it. I did find that it was quite large on my wrist, but I do have tiny wrists and this could be altered by a jewellers. It’s easy to put on and close, and the clasp feels sturdy and not at all flimsy.

I also liked being able to store it away back in its box, as it fit snugly around the insert.

When you compare the rose gold colour against the rose gold of my Apple Watch, they are different shades (but I hear that the Apple Watch is not a true rose gold anyway!) I would tend to wear the medical bracelet on the other wrist so it doesn’t really matter!


id band review thaila skye

Would I recommend it?

If you are looking for a medical band, I would definitely consider looking at the range from the ID Band Company. The website is easy to use, there is a wide range of products, and delivery was quick.

If you prefer something a bit funkier rather than a beautiful piece of jewellery, they do also have beaded ‘Pandora’ style bracelets and a rainbow snap bracelet, as well as premier silicone bands, necklaces and they even have a kids’ range.

Visit the ID Band Company website to see the full range.



Disclaimer: I was sent a piece of medical jewellery by The ID Band Company in exchange for an honest review.
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Julia · 27th December, 2017 at 1:11 pm

Great article! I simply love this brand and their medical IDs.

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