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Following on from my previous update, I am happy to say that I have reduced my snacking significanty, so that’s a plus! Although I didn’t really meet any of the other goals that I made Specifically, the ones about getting more sleep and the running three times a week. I did increase my water, but nowhere near enough. I must hydrate my body more, especially with the central heating on full blast due to the crappy weather here. But nonetheless I’m optimistic. I am determined to make these changes, even if it takes me ages to get there.

So this week’s goals are:

1) Drink more water
2) Get at least 7 hours sleep
3) Go for at least 2 runs (training for 5K Race for Life)
4) Lean protein & veg for 2/3 meals
5) Continue with “less snacking”

Wish me luck!

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