I think one of my weaknesses is snacking, so much so that I think I prefer snacks to main meals! From what I can tell, it stems back to my childhood. You always knew it was a ‘special occasion’ when there was a little buffet on, with lots of snacky food, and I think I must just associate snacky food with good times! I seem to have conditioned myself to associate snacks with happiness, which is a very rocky road to travel down, because I always seem to be craving “a little something” – sometimes due to boredom, sometimes just due to habit.

For example, my habit at the moment is to have “something sweet” after a meal. I mean, I don’t NEED something sweet, my body doesn’t need it for fuel, it’s purely my brain going into habit-mode and just expecting it.

I think perhaps I need to deprive it of snacks. Just try a week or two with just three meals a day and then just ONE snack at that’s it.

Currently, my routine is:
6:30am protein shake
7:30am breakfast
8:45am snack
10:00am snack
11:00am snack
12:15pm lunch
1:00pm snack
5:00pm dinner
6:00pm final snack.

I mean what the hell? That’s three meals and FIVE snacks?!?!?

It’s totally unnecessary because I can guarantee that I’ve not been hungry for those snacks. It’s purely habit. So I need to reduce the about of snacks. I should swap my snacks for water, I think. And I mean actual water, not tea. I drink so much tea, but I really do need to have water as well (or even instead of). It’s tricky when it’s cold!

crimeangurl · 21st March, 2013 at 7:09 am

You definitely could cut down a bit ūüôā My problem is that every time I set out to snack, I end up having one meal’s worth of food…can easily “snack” on one half of a giant watermelon…

    thailainthesky · 21st March, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    Haha! Yes I’m the same! I will definitely try and cut down!

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