Ostomonday Winter Break Thaila Skye

Ostomonday Winter Break

Where’s Ostomonday? So we’re already into 2016 and so far I’ve not done any new Ostomonday videos. The reason for this is, if I’m honest, I’ve run out of things to say!   If you count all my Ostomonday videos so far, I’ve made 76 videos about various ostomy-related topics. Read more…


Scars WARNING: GRAPHIC PICTURES BELOW Scars can be metaphorical as well as physical. They can be the events in your life that shape the person you are and can change your perspective on things. In my case, I have both emotional scars and physical scars from my experience with Crohn’s Read more…

#GoodAndBadDays Thaila Skye


Crohn’s & Colitis UK are currently running a campaign called #GoodAndBadDays where they share peoples’ posts on what it’s really like to live with an invisible illness like Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Sometimes you might look fine on the outside, but you feel like utter crap on the inside, whether it’s Read more…

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