This week hasn’t been terrible, but hasn’t been perfect. A summary, you ask? Oh, go on then:
Workout-wise, so far I’ve only ran 2 out of the 3 days but I still have the weekend left, so hopefully I can go for a run on either Saturday or Sunday (probably Saturday).
Food-wise, I’m still snacking way too much, which might be a sign that my meals are not filling enough.
Water-wise, I’m still drinking lots of tea rather than just water. However, now that the weather is getting warmer, this shouldn’t be too hard to adjust to.
Sleep-wise, I’m finding it very difficult to get a full 7-8 hours sleep, and as usual I blame my iPhone addiction. My charger is on my bedside table, and so the temptation to play games before bed is too much to handle, and before I know it, I’ve spent two hours trying to throw birds at pigs (and failed).

I’ve been having some amazing messages, tweets & emails from people saying how inspirational they found my last Ostomonday video and blog. Thank you so much for all the kind words, it was an amazing experience to be able to share my story with Coloplast, AND the world, and I’m hoping that more ostomates consider sharing their own stories. I realised, though, I’ve not done a video on “My Crohn’s Story” – perhaps I should talk about that too. I tend to focus more on the ostomy side of it, and not really about the bit leading up to the ostomy. I sense a script being written very soon…

We’re now starting to focus more time and effort on planning our wedding next year, and the current challenge we’re facing is trying to get exactly what we want within a tight budget. It’s more challenging than you expect, and all the little things soon add up. Aah, if only weddings were free…. Well, I’ve entered the Euromillions tonight (£27m) so you never know, I might be able to have the absolutely perfect wedding, and honeymoon, and then an awesome house. I mean, imagine if I could afford my ideal dream hou…. Oh man, I’ve just thought of a video idea.

Coming Up:
This weekend should be fun. Chris and I are going to see Iron Man 3 with our friends, so that’ll be fun. I can’t remember the last time I went to the cinema with friends, rather than just Chris. I think it was with my friends Conor, Loocie & George back at University, I vaguely remember X-Men… Wow, I’m old. Other than that, I need to buy a dress for my cousin’s wedding next Saturday. He’s the first one of us grandkids to get married, and it’s the first wedding since Granny died, so I have a feeling that there’ll be some mixed emotions, but should still be a fantastic get-together. Hoorah.
Oh, and another thing coming up in the middle of May is FINALLY getting to meet up with Conor, my irish friend. He is awesome, and I’ve not seen him since, well, since I completely blanked him at our Graduation (ugh, it’s a long story, and I still hate myself for that…) But anywho, that was six years ago and we’ve both decided that six years is WAY too long to have not seen each other. So, we’ll be meeting up in London and having an awesome time, reminiscing about Uni, talking about how we’re now “grown-ups”, and then no doubt laughing at how young we still feel.

And Finally:
Thank you guys for reading my blogs and watching my videos. I know I’m probably boring 99% of the time, but I’m glad that the 1% is moderately entertaining. Either way, if you’re still reading this, then it’s highly likely that you’re into that 1%. *high-fives*

Today’s Question:
Do you like this blog’s format? I mean, with little headers and stuff? I kinda like it, it means you can skip the bits you don’t really care about and just go straight to the bits you do want to read about.

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