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I was contacted by the marketing team at Coloplast a few weeks ago and was asked whether I would be willing to participate in a case study for a new campaign they are working on. Of course I jumped at the chance because I feel like if I share my story then other people might learn from my experiences, and even get some tips and tricks!

So I went over (along with my fiancé) to visit the Coloplast headquarters on Friday over in Peterborough and met some of the marketing team for Coloplast & Charter Healthcare, and also a fellow ostomate called Ken. We had a coffee and a bit of an ice-breaking conversation where we were told the schedule for the day which involved an interview, a photoshoot, a focus group and then a tour of the offices at the end.

First up was the interview. I don’t know what I expected, but I was rather surprised to walk in to the room and see a chair, a green screen, a camera and all the lighting set up. I suddenly felt as if I was in a proper studio and I went a bit nervous! But after I had the microphone fitted and settled into it, it was a great experience. I was asked about why I had the ostomy, how my recovery was, how long it was before I went home, what help I got when I was at home, how long it took before I was back to work, and all that jazz. It was a great opportunity to share my story and I really enjoyed it!

Then after that, we went for lunch, and then in the afternoon it was the photoshoot! Unfortunately the weather was a bit crappy, as the fog was ridiculously thick, so we couldn’t do any outdoor photography. But we stuck to lots of interior shots, and even my fiancé was in some of the shots! From what I gather, the photos will be used as part of the literature that is sent out to newly operated ostomates!

After the photoshoot, we then got together for a focus group where we talked about products from Coloplast and provided some positive and negative feedback. We also talked about the service that Charter Healthcare provide (home deliveries) and whether their current approach of contacting newly operated ostomates is suitable, or whether it’s too overwhelming, or even if there’s not enough information. It was great to be able to give some honest feedback and for them to actually care about what we think as people who actually use their products and services. I think that’s one of the things that makes me stick with Coloplast & Charter Healthcare – they are proud of their commitment to their customers. I like that!

Megan · 12th March, 2013 at 2:42 pm

Thanks for this blog. Been searching for something ibd and fitness related, and I’ve finally found it!

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