Now that the sunshine has come out again, I’ve started walking at lunchtimes and I’ve really been enjoying it. Just standing up, walking away from my laptop, and listening to music for 30 minutes – it’s strangely therapeutic.

I want to exercise more, and while I’ve started using our new rowing machine in the mornings, I think it;s nice to also get a midday walk in there too. True, when it’s grey and miserable and raining outside, I prefer to stay indoors… but these last couple of weeks it’s been quite nice.

During Friday’s lunchtime, I took a couple of photos with my new Sony A5100. I absolutely love this camera, and I tried to get some arty shots with it (tried, being the operative word – hey, I’m new at this!)

I also wanted to show a quick before and after of one of these photos, considering that I usually edit all my photos. I quite like how this one turned out – it looks a bit more eerie in the ‘after’ photo, just by changing the colouring and lighting:

editing photos thaila skye

Like I said, I’m new at this. Hopefully I can get better at it! Any photographers out there have any tips for a newbie like me?

Anyway, this was just a quick update. Hope you have a great weekend! (And I am currently editing a vlog, so keep an eye out for it on my YouTube channel!)

– T

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