Well hello there, reader! Okay, I admit. It’s been WAY too long since I updated this and I apologise profusely. You’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been but I’ve not actually been anywhere! I’ve just been crazy busy!

Firstly, I have to start by saying THANK YOU if you sponsored me for my 5K Race For Life – you helped me raise £144 (and counting) which will go to Cancer Research UK. Not only that, but I beat my personal best by running it in 32:17! Click HERE to go and watch the video!

I’m not sure if running is really my best strength – I’m not really built for long-distance. I’m short and stocky, I’m good at short bursts of power, which is why I like TurboFire and the quick one-minute drills. This is also why I like the idea of Shaun T’s new Focus T25, which is DEFINITELY going on my Christmas list this year!

So now that I’ve completed my race, I’m back on to TurboFire, and I’m loving it! Although I am not liking it during the heat of summer! But I did manage to find my fan so I’ll be having that on full-blast when I do TurboFire now. You can tell I am a winter baby – I was born in January, so maybe that’s something to do with why I hate hot weather and love cold weather? Hmm. Who knows!

Of course, the other thing that I’ve been participating in is Jess’ #trulycommitted challenge! It’s via Instagram and it’s like those ‘picture-a-day’ challenges you see – I am LOVING it! It’s not only fun but I’ve met some amazing new people, and it’s all thanks to Jess! Go and check out her website HERE and her YouTube channel HERE.

Now, all of this health and fitness is not just for living longer, but I am also trying to look my very best for my wedding next year. The venue is officially booked, and now we just need to get all the other stuff sorted – stationery, photographer, dress, flowers… oh man. I wish I was horrendously rich, because the amount of things I’ve seen on Pinterest is just too much to handle – if you saw my Pinterest you’d think that I’m planning about five weddings! There’s our theme, then there’s the quaint rustic themes, then there’s the autumn theme, then the superhero theme, and then the girlie-girlie themes. Maybe I can use the other themes for birthdays. Or anniversaries!

So what with all the focus on health and fitness recently, I’ve not had chance to really thrive in my Ostomonday videos, which is a shame because that’s what I love making videos about the most. I still have quite a few reviews on the back-burner that I really want to make, but it’s been tricky to pin down some time. With juggling full-time work and YouTube, it’s often like I’ve got two full-time jobs, one paid and one voluntary! But I LOVE doing YouTube, it’s so much fun and it’s the one hobby I seem to have stuck with so far for longer than a few months, and I like to think that I’m getting better and quicker at the editing. I hope you like my videos, reader.

Well, that’s it for this update. I’m sorry I’ve deprived you a bit. Like I say, focus has been more on the social media networks, so remember to keep an eye out for me there too:

YouTube: thailainthesky
Instagram: thailainthesky
Twitter: @ThailaSkye
Facebook: ThailaSkyeOfficial
Email: ThailaSkyeMail@gmail.com

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