Well, it’s true what they say – you are what you eat. Since the weekend (bear in mind it’s now Tuesday, so that’s now four days) I’ve been eating total crap and, as a result, I’ve been feeling like total crap. Pizza. Burger. Chips. Coca Cola. Sweets. Chocolate. Crisps. And to make it even worse, I’ve not done my TurboFire workouts. This is partly due to laziness, I will admit, but the problem is that this laziness has spawned from that all-too comfortable world of “goal weight”.

I reached my “goal weight” last week, and my first reaction is to stop all kinds of work out all together. But no, brain! Stop it! I can’t think like that, because all my hard work will end up being totally reversed! I need to maintain this healthy lifestyle because, even though it’s not about weightloss anymore, it’s about staying healthy.

I think that’s the point, now. It’s about moving the goal posts each time. Making the goals harder, or further, or completely different altogether. I’ve reached goal one: weightloss. Now, it’s on to goal two: building lean muscle. Sculpting, toning, strengthening. After that, goal three: stamina & fitness. After that, who knows! The possibilities are endless!

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